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Hello Internet!,

So trolling around like I always usually do, I have come across an amazing list of cheat sheets for use as a web developer.

The great part of modern web development is the absolute wealth of free documentation out there, the drawback, of course, is its not always up to date.

So bellow is a list of cheat sheets as up to date as I could possibly find. They all fulfilled one essential criteria, needs to have a handy PDF download sheer. They all made the grade except for one. I hope you like. Share the links… go mad… just make something awesome.

HTML 5 Mega Cheat Sheet – Broken down into five major categories (tags, event attributes, mobile, browser, and canvas), it includes detailed descriptions of each element and scores every browser for overall HTML5 support. (Includes a nice A4 PDF Download)

Colour Theory Quick Reference Guide – Colour relationships are simple to understand, terms are clearly defined, and, best of all, this cheat sheet is sized to be your desktop background or a handy PDF Download.

Responsive Web Design – I can’t even remember when last a website was not responsive, it’s such a part of the modern web dev toolkit. Responsive design breakpoints is not rocket science, as a matter of fact, the ultimate design aid in this matter would be a simple graph with all the breakpoint dimensions visualised.

A Complete CSS Cheat Sheet– Just as the link describes, its the most complete css cheat sheet I have ever seen, all 29 Pages long. Yup it can be downloaded as a PDF as well.

Some other handy Tools (Kinda Cheat Sheets related)

OverAPI – A Handy collection of Cheat Sheets, simplified, Maybe can even be regarded as the beginners first step into cheat sheets. Most useful

Caniuse – The handiest website out there. Caniuse.com allows you to see which elements of CSS, HTML5, and SVG are supported in certain browsers. The array of browsers range from Internet Explorer 6 to the latest mobile version of Chrome, making this site another essential front-end resource.

Have a great week everyone.

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