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So so I know y the title of my post it is a little ambiguous. I just did not want to give away any hint on how crazy awesome this is. We all know how terribly boring a 404 error page can be. Not to even speak about weather the designer has even created one.

All who know us here at Linuxweb will understand how much we love lost, so of course our error page is an ode to lost.

Well the guys over at have taken their 404 error page to a whole new level. The sheer brilliance amazes me. Almost like I wish I was that clever.

At first I just though its an animated gif kinda thing, then I realised I could interact with it. Needless to say two hours later I realised maybe it time to get back to work.

Enjoy, but be warned its highly addictive.

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So who wrote this?

Selwyn Orren

Selwyn Orren
Selwyn is the Founder and CEO of Linuxweb, passionate about all things web and has never met a whiteboard and markers he never liked. You can often find him talking about the internet, Google, beards, coffee and craft beer. Oh he has also been know to dabble a bit in web development and graphic design. 

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