The case against having a website

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You may get all excited by the prospect of getting a web site. You may get even more excited by the trend that these days you can get a FREE web site. Sadly, I must be the bearer of bad news.

Unless you have this one critical piece in place, you’re wasting your time getting a new web site. Free or not. You see, the adage, “If you make it, they’ll come” is going to hurt you in more than one way. It’s flawed thinking, especially in this day and age. Yes, even in South Africa.

A web site isn’t a business. It’s barely worth considering as a form of media.

What a web site is, is a tool to serve a bigger purpose… And that purpose you may ask yourself is….? Well, why are you in business (or considering a business) in the first place?
To make money, I would propose. Even if you run a charity.

And so, your web site should be designed – “strategized” if there’s such a word – to do ONE thing. Move a visitor, prospect or lead down the path to becoming a buyer of your product or service. It amazes me how often I meet with owners of companies and new businesses sinking R50K to R150K into getting a “new” web site. The shocking part is when you audit the site, all you find is, is ego-massaging and “looking all dolled up with nowhere to go” fluff, without any purpose or value.

For reasons, I will explore in future posts, most design companies do their utmost to avoid getting into creating web sites that support sales. Because these design companies would be held responsible by a sensible and smart business owner when, after spending R150K there isn’t a significant Return on Investment coming from their new-fangled web site.

So instead, business owners get duped into sexy design and cool-ness factor without anything worth a sale. Yes, your web site needs to look professional (the case against free web sites, and free themes).
The hosting company you use should help ensure the site loads as fast as possible from their servers.
On the one hand, you want zero worry when it comes to your web site. The host making sure all the technology is working seamlessly.

On the other hand, you want to make sure your web site brings in new customers or at least leads that you can convert to customers with your sales process.

In conclusion: The short version of this long ramble is: Your web site is meant to help you get customers. Now and in the future. In the same way that a design company should have a plan to design your web site, you should have a plan as to how your web site will make sales for you. So, don’t let anyone cloud your thinking with BS about your new web site.

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Phillip Hardy

Phillip Hardy
Phillip Hardy is a Business owner, Direct Response Marketing consultant and Copywriter. For 15 years Phillip was the Creative Director for various small publishing companies in South Africa, the USA and UK. These days, most of his time is taken up running his own businesses, but he sometimes wades into the open when non-sense starts becoming the prevailing ‘wisdom’. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” Mark Twain 

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