The 5 best WordPress plugins to optimize user experience on your eCommerce site

For those “in the know,” WordPress is synonymous with blogs and website design. A driving factor for WordPress’s popularity is its vast marketplace of plugins that allow site builders to easily optimize site performance and user experience.

Through extensive research and ample time building WordPress sites, we have compiled a list of the five best WordPress plugins that will optimize your visitor’s experience and ultimately help improve your search engine ranking.

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1. W3 Total Cache  

You are reading this sentence now is because our site loaded quickly and you didn’t click away waiting for it to load.

Slow websites are frustrating to users and tend to lead to high bounce rates. Pages that load in under two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%. Pages that take five seconds have an average bounce rate of 38%.

Without getting too technical, W3 Total Cache helps your browser eliminate re-downloading redundant data. By creating static caches for each page, upon subsequent page loads content can be dynamically loaded.

Configuration can be a bit complex, but once it has been set up, W3 Total Cache will shave valuable time off your website’s loading speed. This help keep users on your site and improve your site’s search engine ranking.

Other alternatives: WP Super Cache, Zen Cache

2. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Nearly 66% of total online time is spent on mobile. Considering this, having your site optimized for mobile devices is a must.

WPtouch Mobile makes optimizing for mobile a breeze. With this easy-to-use plugin you can customize colors, fonts, menus and more without adding any code. It is perfect for themes that are not responsive, or for responsive themes that need a little TLC on the mobile side.

You can even convert your website into a mobile app with the paid version, transforming your site into a native mobile experience.

Other alternatives: AMP for WP, WordPress Mobile Pack

3. Broken Link Checker

Have you ever been on a site, clicked a link, and found a dreaded 404 on the other side? Your trust for that site likely went out the window, never to return again.

Broken Link Checker does just what it says. It checks all the links on your site in regular intervals to make sure all the links are still active. After each check, it emails you a report describing which links are broken.

When a link is broken, Broken Link Checker offers replacement suggestions for each broken link. With the click of a button you can replace the link without ever actually visiting your site.

One issue we have found with Broken Link Checker is that, while it does an amazing job of checking links within the site, it does not check links in comments.

Other alternatives: WP Broken Link Status Checker, WordPress Broken Link Manager

4. WP Smush

Imagine your website is a tiny, beautiful baby. Now imagine Marvel’s The Hulk comes walking along and Hulk Smashes your baby. Instead of turning into a pile of mush, your baby is compressed into an identical tiny version of itself. That’s basically what WP Smush does.

Even sites whose content images have already been compressed can typically be compressed and optimized further. WP Smush is used by thousands of websites to fully compress, optimize and resize images.

This plugin will scan all of your media and “smush” them into optimized sizes by removing unnecessary and redundant data and scaling the images to your desired dimensions. With fully optimized images your site will load pages faster and allow visitors to view media without difficulty.

Other alternatives:, EWWW Image Optimizer

5. CrazyEgg Heatmap Tracking

Do you ever wonder exactly what your website visitors look at when they visit your site?

CrazyEgg is a free plugin that generates heat maps showing exactly where visitors drag their mouse, scroll and where they spend most of their time on your site. You can even compare different subsets of traffic to see if visitors from one source, say Facebook paid ads, act different than those from another source.

Other alternatives: LiveSession, Hotjar


WordPress is an amazing web and blog building tool in part because of the plethora of plugins you can install to improve and optimize performance and user experience.

There are thousands of sites out there competing for your visitor’s time and attention. It is up to you to make your site as engaging and user-friendly as possible.

There are plenty of tools out there that can help to make your site stand out. The plugins above are just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to do your research and utilize the plugins that will maximize your site’s potential.

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