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So we all know social media can be a great tool to get your name out there right. We also do know what a drag and time consuming job it could also be just managing all the many social media account that are available. How many posts, can ever post be simply duplicated across all channels, What sort of message do I want to get across? These are just some of the question I had myself about social media, hopefully over the next few weeks we will start demystifying some of these questions about social media marketing.

In today’s article we are going to look at how often and to what social media channel should we be focusing our efforts and energies on. Don’t worry, you dont need to do this everyday. No, we cannot guarantee any form of success, we just know quite a few marketers and small business owners, like you, who are struggling to keep their social media accounts active with relevant and up-to-date content. So here are some tips to help you boost your social media marketing:

Strategy: Low volume, high value; quality over quantity
Minimum # of posts: 3 per week
Maximum # of posts: 10 per week

Posting on Facebook too frequently may irritate your audience. People are on Facebook mostly to get updates from their friend but (sometimes) they may get interested and click on your posts. Only post valuable content that your audience would relate to or be interested in.

Strategy: High volume, low value; quantity over quality
Minimum # of posts: 5 per day
Maximum # of posts: None

Due to the fast paced feed of Twitter, your strategy on this social media network should be quite opposite to your Facebook strategy. You can post more on Twitter since everything’s fast paced, just make sure to post interesting content to your followers (even if it’s not yours).

Strategy: Low volume, high value; use relevant keywords
Minimum # of posts: 3 per week
Maximum # of posts: 10 per week

Similar to Facebook, people on Google+ appreciate valuable content more than frequent posts. Additionally, your posts will help you rank higher in Google’s search engine too — make sure to add the right keywords.

Strategy: Low volume, high value; formal and technical content are recommended
Minimum # of posts: 2 per week
Maximum # of posts: 5 per week

LinkedIn is a professional social media network. Posting too often is a bad idea since you may be seen as a brand desperate for attention. Share important and interesting facts about your business or the industry.

Strategy: High volume, high value; large, beautiful images are important
Minimum # of posts: 5 per day
Maximum # of posts: 10 per day

Posting interesting pins with beautiful, large images can help you get found easily in this social network. Also, you should aim for the right keywords and link to your website for maximum benefit.

So there you have it. Its enough to keep you really busy, but with a great strategy planning tool like Trello, it will make content planning easy to manage, sort and eventually publish. Check out this social media publishing template.

Want to know how trello works, check this great post here.

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