Jessica Hische – MailChimp

I am always amazed to watch designers at work, what they were thinking and then everything in between. Recently I received an email from Mail Chimp letting everyone know that they are changing their website layout to become responsive and reach a wider audience. Great I thought, I would never though it even possible to

How to do SEO without doing SEO

Every now and then you get to find a nice little gem in the internet. Linuxweb was hot recently with the latest Google Panda Update. Well… At least we think it may have been the case. Either that or we screwed up something really bad. Our inbound links went from roughly just under 100 to

Hello world

So I decided to rather start re-doing this blog for Linuxweb and its staff for a various amount of reasons. The primary one being the fact that so much has changed, and so many comments were being spammed, that it almost felt like a waste of time carrying on with it. So… Who exactly is

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    My amazing kidd and their baking skills. Can't wait to taste it.
    Ready for church
    And food has arrived
    Having an amazing morning with my eldest
    Coming back from Bloemfontein. What an amazing view # road life #orrenlife
    Thanks team toggl this tshirt is awesome!!! #toggl #iusetoggl