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Why Clients Don’t Care About Responsive Web Design

There isn’t a web design blog, tutorial, or template site on the market right now that isn’t touting “responsive web design” as an absolute must. Simultaneously, web designers are getting continued downward price pressure for their services. The #1 pain I hear from web pros is that they can’t charge enough for their work. So

Server Uptime Status

Right so following our debacle over at the data centre which received a DDOS attack over the weekend, it started feeling like someone was out to get me. it made me want to reach out and dial-a-need someone/thing. You know the numbers that tell you if you are manic depressant, then don’t touch that dial

This is Genius

So so I know y the title of my post it is a little ambiguous. I just did not want to give away any hint on how crazy awesome this is. We all know how terribly boring a 404 error page can be. Not to even speak about weather the designer has even created one.

Jessica Hische – MailChimp

I am always amazed to watch designers at work, what they were thinking and then everything in between. Recently I received an email from Mail Chimp letting everyone know that they are changing their website layout to become responsive and reach a wider audience. Great I thought, I would never though it even possible to

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